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Welcome to Sarafovo web site. Here you can find all the necessary information, in case you decide to take advantage of the opportunity to spend your holiday in one of the most attractive and quickly developing settlements on the Bulgarian Black Sea cost. We hope you will be pleasantly surprised by the offers, which we make.



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 Sarafovo is a place of unspoilt beauty. Founded as a village over 80 years ago by Thracian refugees, nowadays it has become famous for its beautiful houses and preferred by people as a place to live. Its population counts over 3000, including the foreigners who chose Bulgaria for their home. At present Sarafovo is a quarter of Burgas- the 5th largest town of Bulgaria, administrative, commercial, tourist and cultural center. The quarter is situated on the Black Sea cost between the ancient town  of Sozopol to the South and Nessebar to the North, and just to the road between Burgas and Sunny Beach- Bulgaria's biggest sea- side resort.

Sarafovo has gained attractiveness as a resort because of its unique characteristics: 

   Wide beach, about 4 km long, covered with fine sands, almost black at places, because of it high content of   iron, manganese and magnesium. It absorb the sun beams and gets quickly hot. Higher sea- water temperature than the other resorts because of its situation in the Burgas Bay. This increases the opportunity for a longer tourist season- until late October, when water is still warm and nice for swimming.  Sea bottom is almost even and slopes gently to the sea reaching human size for water depth of 1.5 m which is favorable for bathing of children and people with no swimming skill


The influence of the sea defines the weather of the resort. It is characterized by long fall, encouraging longer sea tourism, warm and mild winter and summer with no extreme temperatures. Summer heat are easier to bear with the repeating breeze currents which rhythmically refresh the air. The latter is clean, due  to a lack of industrial enterprises nearby

   Sarafovo is close to a number of resorts, which can easily reach due to a well- developed infrastructure. The quartet is situated 10 km from the center of Burgas and 30 km north of Sozopol, while it's only 10 km  south from Pomorie and 30 km from Nessebar and Sunny Beach

Newly- built orthodox church "St. Nicolas" is also opened to the public. Local people have pothered their efforts to erect  the building and now boast with a temple, opened every day from 8 am till 6 pm, where religious services are held


 3 km south of the quarter spreads The Nature Reserve "Atanasovsko ezero". This lake can definitely be called "the bird paradise" of Bulgaria, as there are 316 species of birds( from 400 in the country), migrating, wintering and nestling here. 17 kinds of fish an more than 250 higher plants, some of which threatened with extinction and protected by law can be seen in the reserve. The Atanasovsko lake is extremely popular among the explorers, bird- lovers and photographers in Bulgaria and abroad.


   Because of its unique characteristic, suitable geographical position, bounty of ecologically- clean natural products and accessible prices, Sarafovo attract many Bulgarian and foreign tourists.


   Pleasant moment for guests, appreciating art, is the "Gallery" store, where art pieces ca be bought at really reasonable prices.


   Sarafovo enlarges and constantly develops- beautiful houses and small hotels are appearing every season. This favors more and more tourists to come and spend a really nice and entertaining holiday on the Black Sea.

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